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The Testimonium

What is The Testimonium

The Testimonium is a document certifying that a pilgrim has made the journey. Its origin can be traced back to the pilgrimages of the Middle Ages: sometimes people embarked on a long journey, with all the risks and expenses involved, because they were forced to do so by a judge’s sentence or a confessor’s penance. In such cases, it was necessary to demonstrate that the goal had been reached in order to receive absolution and remission of the civil or penal penalty.

Today, where there is no such necessity, the Testimonium represents the precious memory of a beautiful experience, an evocative document of the journey and of the set of thoughts, emotions and sensations that have accompanied the pilgrim’s steps and made it an important event in his or her life.

Where do you receive it?

The Testimonium is only issued at the Capuchin convents of Camerino (centre of the Walk and end of the first part) and Ascoli Piceno (final destination) and after having walked at least 100 km (i.e. about 5 stops). The stamps on one’s Credentials will be taken as proof.

It is particularly impressive and of great symbolic value to be able to receive the certificate with a thanksgiving liturgy ceremony together with the Capuchin friars in the small church of the monastery of Camerino or in front of the tomb of Saint Serafino in Ascoli Piceno. If for any reason it is not possible to receive the certificate directly from the Capuchin friars, you can in any case receive it at the Pro Loco of the two cities.

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