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Why the Capuchin Walk?

Because the birth of the Capuchin Friars is a fascinating story that should not be lost but told.

Because discovering it at a slow pace, walking along with the places that preserve its memory, gives a taste as good as bread and a calm time of assimilation that nourishes and rejoices the heart.

Because the encounter with the Capuchins that are still present along the way is a gift that you give to those who welcome you and that you receive in those who host you.

Perhaps the journey will teach you to look at life from a different, simpler and wiser perspective. Perhaps you will discover a new peace and an unknown joy: gifts that come from above and for which together we will thank the Father of all good.

With The Capuchin Walk, you will be able to retrace the adventurous story that marked the birth of the Franciscan reform that exploded in the Marches in the first half of the 500’s.

The route winds its way in 17 stages/stops for almost 400 km from Fossombrone to Ascoli Piceno, crossing the inland ridge of the Marches, where enchanting villages on a human scale merge into one with the surrounding natural landscape: you will encounter wild mountains, fascinating woods full of life, gentle, neatly combed, cultivated hills, lakes to refresh the environment and the sea in the background to complete the panorama.

If you have the time, you can do the walk in one go, otherwise, you can decide to split the route into two or more parts. You could, for example, do it twice: the first time from Fossombrone to Camerino (10 days) and the second time from Camerino to Ascoli Piceno (7 days); or you could divide the route into three parts: from Fossombrone to Fabriano (5 days), from Fabriano to Camerino (5 days) and finally from Camerino to Ascoli Piceno (7 days). In any case, if you wish to customise the route according to your needs, you can contact us and together we will find the best solution for you. The route is designed to be walked in only one direction, i.e. from north to south, because it follows the narrative of the story of the Capuchins as told in the novel “The Spirit of the Capuchins” which will accompany the pilgrim along the way.

So, dear pilgrim, we will be delighted to welcome you on the Capuchin Walk, and when you decide to set out, don’t be afraid: you will find a friendly face and open arms waiting for you because those who walk always need a companion along the way.

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