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Typical dishes

Le Marche: an unexpected delight!

Dear pilgrim friend, When you choose to set off for the region of Le Marche to experience the Capuchin Walk, you will discover why this region, unique among Italian regions, has a name in the plural form. Among the many reasons for its plurality, you also have food and wine. In the interest of making this s a short read, here are just a few of the most famous typical products that will enrich your experience as a pilgrim, giving you an insight into the land where you have chosen to walk.


In the inland areas of Le Marche, you will find some typical first courses available almost everywhere: Vincisgrassi (a typical pasta dish from Marche similar to lasagne), Gnocchi alla papera (Gnochi with duck ragù), Cappelletti and Passatelli in broth (two types of pasta), Ravioli, Tagliatelle and Pappardelle (two different types of pasta), Tagliolini di Campofilone (a type of ribbon pasta cooked i Campofilone sauce) All of these mouthwatering dishes will be served with various sauces as mentioned above. The area is rich in both white and black truffles, particularly in the Furlo Pass and Cagli areas, but also in Montefortino and Amandola. Cured meats deserve a separate chapter on this page: Carpegna ham is quite common in the northern area, Ciauscolo (smoked and dry-cured sausage) in the interior region, Fabriano salami, Mazzafegato,Fegatelli and Salamini alla cacciatora (hunter’s salami) that you will find in many other areas. You will also come across Crescia (flatbread), Cheese pizza and Pan Nociato (Nut bread) to accompany the meal. When you finally arrive in Ascoli, you must try the famous Ascoli olives and fried cream: they go well together on a nice plate of mixed fried goodies.


Typical sweets are Ciambellone (big doughnut) and Crostata (Pie/Tart) made in different styles. In Camerino, you will find a special Torrone (nougat), and in other places the fig loin and sweet Easter pizza. In Offida, you can find Funghetti (small mushroom-shaped sweets made with anise). During the carnival period, you can find: Cavallucci (An Italian Christmas pastry prepared with anise, almonds, candied fruits and coriander), Scroccafusi, Chiacchiere (sweet crisp pastry made out of dough also known as Angel wings), Sfrappe and Castagnole (sweet fried dough balls). These sweets can be accompanied by exceptional wines from the local peasant tradition, such as sour cherry wine (from a type of wild black cherry), vino cotto or sapa (mulled grape wine).


On your way, you will find ample vineyards welcoming you, particularly in Cupramontana and Offida. In the first stops along the path, you can taste the Doc Bianchello del Metauro and  Colli Pesaresi ( both red and white). Once in the Cupramontana area, we recommend you do not miss the famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Rosso Conero (both DOCG) and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba. When you arrive in San Severino and Camerino you can ask for a good glass of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona (sweet sparkling wine) and a Verdicchio di Matelica (also DOCG). When you reach the southernmost area, in Offida you will be overwhelmed by the choices you’ll have: from the white Pecorino to Passerina and in Ascoli, the Rosso Piceno (including the Superiore type) and Falerio dei Colli Ascolani.

Craft beers

For beer lovers, it will be a pleasant surprise to discover the Marche region as a land of craft breweries. There are currently more than 70 local breweries. On this page, we’ve only indicated the pubs in the vicinity of the towns along the route: in Fossombrone you’ll find: La birra del brigante – Birrificio Angeloni (from Monteporzio); in Fabriano you’ll find: Bach Birrificio Agricolo Chiaraluce – Birra Millecento – I beer; at Gola del Furlo-Cagli-Fonte Avellana you’ll find: Birra Amarcod (from Apecchio) – Birrificio del Catria (from Cantiano) – Birra venere (from Apecchio); in Cingoli you’ll find: Il boccale d’oro; in San Severino Marche you’ll find: Birrificio agricolo L’ultimo Piceno;  in Montefortino: Birrificio Le fate (from Comunanza); in Offida: Birrificio Carnival; in Ascoli Piceno you’ll find: Birrificio Paoletti –  Prima pietra (from Villa Pigna) – Birrificio Babylon (from Folignano).

Spirits and Liqueurs

Passing through the area of Camerino, you can’t help but taste two famous liqueurs made by the local Varnelli company: the famous Mistrà or the Amaro Sibilla. While in Ascoli Piceno, en route of the itinerary, you’ll have to try a sip of Anisetta Meletti, an anise-flavoured drink from Ascoli, which you can enjoy in the historic Meletti café in Piazza del Popolo.
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