The Capuchin Walk, which crosses the entire ridge of the Marche hinterland, is a continuous up and down path in the wonders of a hilly and sometimes mountainous territory. The average mileage of all the stages is 21.5 km (the shortest is 17 km, the longest 27 km) and the gradients are, in some stages, quite significant. It is therefore totally inadvisable to undertake the walk without a good amount of previous training that will enable you to cope with the journey with ease. Otherwise, the excessive physical exertion that you may be subjected to could compromise the enjoyment of this fantastic experience.

In the weeks leading up to the Capuchin Walk, we recommend that you prepare yourself with walks that will gradually increase in time and difficulty. Start with short walks on level ground and gradually increase the number of kilometres and the difference in height, varying the type of terrain, to get your body used to what you will find along the way (open mountain paths or undergrowth, paved or dirt country roads, and just a little bit of asphalt).

Consider that your shoulders, back and legs will have to carry a bag pack of about 10/11 kg and your body needs a few days to get stronger and used to the weight, so during the training period we recommend that you walk with a full rucksack, increasing the weight from time to time until you reach the standard weight of the rucksack you will be carrying.

Prior and daily training with longer and longer walks should go hand in hand with stretching and warming-up exercises, which should be consistent throughout the walk. You can prepare yourself best with gymnastic exercises that help tone and give elasticity to the muscles, especially the muscles of the legs, back and neck.

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