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Choosing the right pair of shoes

It is not advisable to use new footwear, as it is likely to cause abrasions and blisters.

On the contrary, the shoes must have been used before and the foot must be used to wearing them. The shoes should fit the foot quite well, support it without putting pressure on it, have some flexibility and be lightweight, waterproof and breathable.

The best shoes are hiking or mountain boots, preferably with a hard sole, and should not have too soft a heel or cushioning, which could encourage injury.

It is good to choose footwear that locks the foot in place to avoid ankle injuries.

It is important to choose boots that have a lowered leg at the back.

If you choose the summer season, sports shoes can also be used to reduce the heat.

It is essential to use appropriate socks: preferably cotton and seamless. If you use boots, wear another pair of wool socks. Always keep them clean. Also, wear sandals or flip-flops to relax and refresh your feet when you rest.

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